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Sutter County One Stop, Best of 2011

The Sutter County Superintendent of Schools Office plays an important role in the delivery of quality education to the students of this county. We provide direct service instructional programs to nearly 9,500 students annually through infant programs, special education, vocational/ occupational programs, outdoor science, and alternative education. These programs are operated more efficiently by the county than by a school district (with economy of scale) and more appropriately than a school district with confined boundaries. The Sutter County Superintendent of Schools Office provides these services to district students through cooperative agreements among participants.

Area Service Clubs Donate to Shady Creek Outdoor School!
On behalf of the Sutter County Superintendent of Schools Office and Shady Creek Outdoor School, we would like to take this opportunity to thank The Rotary Club of Yuba City for their donation and construction of the new Gaga Ball Arena and the Yuba City 20/30 Club for the landscaping project and the construction of shelves in the Organic Garden Green House. 
For those of you wondering, Gaga Ball is a lot like dodge ball.  Players lob the ball underhand, trying to hit one another below the knees to eliminate their opponents from the court.  If the ball goes over the wall, or it is caught before bouncing, the person who launched it is out of the game until just one player is left!
It didn’t take long for the children of Rotarian’s to try out the court with past student naturalist Lea “Pixie” Richmond.


In addition to the Gaga Ball Pit, Rotarian’s worked on a landscaping project near Holland Hall.

You can check out the new Gaga Ball Arena and see the beautiful new landscaping at Shady Creek On September 12, 2015 when the Shady Creek Outdoor Education Foundation hosts its annual “Friends and Family Day”!

Educational Services Summer Professional Development:
Fall Grade Level Summits
Audience: Teachers
Cost: $35 includes continental breakfast, lunch and supplies

  • Professional development centered around the ELA/ELD Framework, Mathematical Practices, NGSS,  Formative and Standardized Assessments, and specific curriculum as appropriate
  • Instructional strategies targeted at the individual needs of English Learners
  • Collaboration with other teachers in Sutter County on instructional strategies, grade level content, and best practices
  • Target unduplicated populations of English learners, foster youth, and students with disabilities

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