The Sutter County Superintendent of Schools Office plays an important role in the delivery of quality education to the students of this county. We provide direct service instructional programs to nearly 9,500 students annually through infant programs, special education, vocational/ occupational programs, outdoor science, and alternative education. These programs are operated more efficiently by the county than by a school district (with economy of scale) and more appropriately than a school district with confined boundaries. The Sutter County Superintendent of Schools Office provides these services to district students through cooperative agreements among participants.

IMAGEThe Sutter County Superintendent of Schools (SCSOS) – Intervention & Prevention Programs (IPP) is proud to lead in coordinating a comprehensive effort to boost student attendance and address chronic student absences in Sutter County Schools.  Leading national researchers have proven that students who are chronically absent in kindergarten and first grade are far less likely to read proficiently by third grade.  It’s important to emphasize to students and parents that these are pivotal years for laying the foundation for good attendance habits and school success throughout a child’s academic career.  The Attendance Matters: Every Student, Every Day, Every Opportunity campaign will focus in grades kindergarten through third.  Please click here for additional information.




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