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The Sutter County Superintendent of Schools (SCSOS) Tri-County Induction Program(TCIP) serving Sutter, Yuba, and Colusa Counties is a two-year, state accredited Teacher Induction Program that provides a connection between the Preliminary Credential Program to the realities of being a classroom teacher. TCIP is committed to supporting effective educators and lifelong learners as teachers’ for all students in California.
TCIP incorporates a continuous improvement cycle to support candidate growth and as a tool for assessment and evaluation to better the program for its Multiple Subject, Single Subject, and Special Education-Education Specialist Clear Credential candidates. Each credential has a unique set of standards that must be met and successfully completed in order to obtain a California Clear Credential. 
(Enrolled Candidates and Mentors-All program documents are in your TCIP Google Account)


  • Hold a valid California Preliminary Teaching Credential with a requirement for the completion of Teacher Induction
  • Be employed in a current teaching position
For questions regarding your eligibility for Teacher Induction, contact your county’s Credential Analyst.