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These classes are designed for students with moderate disabilities due to having a behavioral disability, Asperger’s syndrome, high functioning autism, or other related language-based disorders who require an educational environment focused on classroom-wide instruction in the development of behavior management, communication and social skills. This program provides intensive intervention within a self-contained class for the majority of the school day. The primary goal is to return the students to full-time enrollment in the general education program with continuing support in social skills as needed. A teacher with a credential authorizing instruction of students with mild to moderate or moderate to severe disabilities plus additional training and/or experience in autism spectrum disorders, behavior disorders, or speech and language development is assigned to each self-contained class. One instructional assistant is recommended for each class. Additional instructional assistants are provided as determined necessary to  implement developed IEPs and maintain the safety of students and staff. The recommended caseload is 10-12 students.