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Sutter County Superintendent of Schools

Tom Reusser, Superintendent

Multiple Disability

Multiple Disabilities

Multiple Disabilities

These classes are designed primarily for students with severe disabilities, ages 5-22, whose IEP teams have determined that they require specialized instruction for the school day using an alternative curriculum that focuses on functional academics and daily living skills. This may involve instruction in community sites off of the school campus. As the student approaches high school, prevocational and independence skills become a key component of the curriculum as well. This curriculum is based upon state approved standards-based curriculum guides. The primary goal of these classes is to prepare students to function effectively in current and future home, school, and community environments. Students enrolled in these classes earn a high school certificate and typically go on to participate in adult day programs through agencies such as Alta Regional Center. A teacher with a credential authorizing instruction of students with moderate to severe disabilities and two instructional assistants are assigned to each class. Each class is also supported by school nurse and LVN staff.  Additional instructional assistants are provided as determined necessary to implement developed IEPs and maintain the safety of students and staff. The recommended caseload is 8-10 students depending upon age-level and unique make-up of each class.