Deaf and Hard of Hearing

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Our four classrooms, for the deaf and hard of hearing, provide access to quality education in a variety of settings.  The deaf and hard of hearing program serves both Sutter and Yuba Counties allowing school districts, regardless of size, to access quality the resources, specialized staff, equipment, to provide deaf and hard of hearing students and their parents with a comprehensive and effective educational environment. Through this collaborative approach, students are educated with a significant number of age, cognitive and language appropriate peers. Students have opportunities to be educated through participation in typical education classes with their hearing peers as well as participating in special day classes designed specifically for students who have a hearing disability. Regionalized programming provides social, emotional, and academic advantages for the students. They develop pride in themselves as members of the community and feel comfortable in working and socializing with their hearing peers. Ultimately, the students gain confidence and the knowledge that they are prepared to accomplish their goals and become successful, productive and contributing members of society. A teacher with a credential authorizing instruction of students with hearing disabilities, one instructional assistant with signing skills, and educational sign language interpreters are typically assigned to each class. The recommended caseload is 6-8 students for preschool and elementary and 8-10 students for high school.