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Autism Spectrum Disorder


These classes are designed for students with autism who also have significant social/communication skill deficits,
emotional regulation issues, and/or developmental delays, and whose IEP teams have determined that the student
requires instruction specifically designed for children with autism. This program provides intensive intervention within a
self-contained class for the majority of the school day. The curriculum is typically based upon state-approved standards-
based alternative curriculum guides. Instructional methodologies are selected for each student based upon evidence-
based best practice recommendations. Family involvement is considered an integral component of the program. The
primary goal of these classes is to prepare students to function effectively in current and future home, school,
community, and work environments. Students enrolled in these classes earn a high school certificate and typically go on
to participate in an adult transition class. A teacher with a credential authorizing instruction of students with moderate
to severe disabilities and two instructional assistants are assigned to each class. Additional instructional assistants are
provided as determined necessary to implement developed IEPs and maintain the safety of students and staff.