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Services Offered Contact Info  
Laws and Regulations
Policies and Procedures
Salary Placement
Union Agreements
Kathy Mercier
Human Resources Director
(530) 822-2905
Credential Services
Jami Paul
Coordinator II, Human Resources Assistant
(530) 822-2904
Health Benefits
Employee Orientations
Application Processing
Lark Sanchez
Human Resources Assistant
(530) 822-2902
Absence Tracking
Automated Calling System -(Employees)
Employment Verification
Workers' Compensation
Jenny Gibbs
Human Resources Assistant
(530) 822-2908
Automated Calling System -(Substitutes)
Substitute Services
Tri-County Sub Consortium
Lisa Vargas
Human Resources / Substitute Services
(530) 822-2903
Application Distribution
Customer Service
Para Professional Exam
Leann Pinkston
Human Resources Clerk
(530) 822-2901