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Feather River Academy (FRA) students are referred and then attend  the program through:
1.) Expelled students
Students who are expelled are encouraged to have their expulsion paperwork with them during their enrollment.  This is their referral to Feather River Academy and should also contain the plan for students wishing to return and graduate from a school other than Feather River Academy.  Expelled students must meet with our School Secretary to complete the required paperwork and be scheduled for an orientation.

2.) Student choice
Students wishing to attend Feather River Academy must be referred by their district, SARB or Probation to enroll.   Once the referral process is complete, the student  must meet with the School Secretary accompanied with a parent or legal guardian to complete the registration paperwork and be scheduled for an orientation.

3.) Referred by the Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) or referred by Probation
SARB or Probation can make a referral directly to Feather River Academy.  Students must then meet with the School Secretary to complete the process be scheduled for orientation.

4.) Referred through the  Individual Educational Plan (IEP) process
Students who have an active IEP can be referred to FRA through the IEP process. FRA staff must be in attendance of the IEP, and the IEP must indicate FRA as their educational setting. 

Students must then meet with the School Secretary to complete the registration paperwork.


After the referral and registration process is complete, all students have to complete an orientation.  During this orientation, the student meets with an administrator to conduct an evaluation of credits, to participate in a plan toward graduation, and to review the rules and regulations relating to students who attend FRA.




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Principal, Feather River Academy

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Administrative Secretary
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