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Students are expected to contribute to a positive learning environment.  When a student is involved in some form of misbehavior, FRA staff will conduct a careful review of the incident.  Conduct which interferes with the learning or safety of others will be treated as serious issues.  Students who are continually suspended for violating school rules may be referred back to the district of residence.

All students are expected to wear clothing that is appropriate for school. Clothing shall be neat, clean, safe, and not disruptive to instructional activities. The following rules apply to all students:

  • No short shorts, skirts or dresses. Shorts, dresses and skirts must be at least knuckle length when arms are at sides.

  • No sagging pants. Pants must be at or above hip bones.

  • No exposed cleavage.

  • No spaghetti strap, halter, racerback or tube tops. All tank tops must have straps that are a minimum of 1” wide (approximately the width of two fingers).

  • No sheer clothing.

  • No drug, gang, or alcohol related clothing.

  • No clothing that discriminates or is derogatory to any group.

  • No clothing/accessory that may be deemed dangerous i.e. chains, studded collars, spikes, etc.

  • No Gang or gang related clothing.  For example:red or blue clothing. excessively baggy clothing, belts worn excessively long, monikers or insignias, hair nets, headbands or “rags” worn on a person or displayed Old English style or “graffiti style” writing on any item school officials view as denoting gang membership or affiliation. (Denoting membership in a gang is prohibited – California Education Code 35183).

  • No hats and/or head coverings in class, assemblies, or at any indoor school function with the exception of those worn for religious reasons.

  • No sunglasses in class, assemblies, or at any indoor school function unless they are prescribed or have a doctor’s note.

Any student who deviates from the accepted standards set forth in this policy will be required to prepare properly for the classroom before being admitted. Refusal to cooperate will result in disciplinary action.


Students who are not appropriately dressed for school will be given an opportunity to call home for a change of clothing. When needed, clean t-shirts and sweatpants are available in the office to loan for the school day. Students who repeatedly violate the dress code will receive progressive discipline consequences.