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Educational Services


The Educational Services department is uniquely designed to support each of Sutter County's 12 districts and 9 charter schools. Educational Services includes County Community Schools, Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability, Student Support and Outreach and Tri-County Induction. These departments are all dedicated to student success and achievement, effective leadership and instruction, and providing a healthy and safe environment for all students.
SCSOS operates two County Community Schools:
Feather River Academy is a seat-based program designed to serve expelled and/or SARB, probation and parent referred youth.
Pathways Charter Academy is a non-seat based program designed to serve the same population. 
Curriculum, Instruction, and Accountability (CIA) is committed to providing current information on state and federal educational policies that relate to curriculum, assessment, accountability, data analysis and instructional practices. Highly skilled professional development coordinators provide technical assistance, as well as customized coaching and support specifically tailored to the needs of the district and overall student achievement and success. Our Expanded Learning Program Consortium supports the implementation of before and after school programs for 6 districts as well as provides technical assistance to all programs within Sutter County.
Student Support and Outreach (SSO) Provides a variety of programs and services within Sutter County to support the whole child and student wellness. The program focuses on these five areas; Child Welfare and Attendance, Education for Homeless Children and Youth, Foster Youth Services, Social Emotional Learning and Mental Wellness and Tobacco Education.
Tri-County Induction Program (TCIP) is an accredited induction program that fulfills professional clear credential requirements for multiple and single subject, education specialist, career technical education, and administrative services credential holders.
Ed Services staff


Photo of Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services Brian Gault
Brian Gault
Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services
(530) 822-2947
Photo of Director of Educational Services Kristi Johnson
Kristi Johnson
Senior Director, Educational Services
(530) 822-2939
Photo of Director of Tri County Induction Program Lisa Gault
Lisa Gault
Director, Tri-County Induction Program
(530) 822-2972
Photo of SSO Administrative Secretary Tania Martinez
Tania Martinez
Administrative Secretary
(530) 822-2973
Photo of Director of Student Support and Outreach Virginia Burns
Virginia Burns
Director, Student Support and Outreach
(530) 822-2969
Photo of FRA and PCA Principal Chris Reyna
Chris Reyna
Principal, Feather River Academy and Pathways Charter School
(530) 822-2401