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Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability

Sutter County Superintendent of School's Curriculum, Instruction, and Accountability (CIA)  department supports LEAs in accountability and continuous improvement systems to meet the needs of their diverse student populations. Through a system of support, CIA supports districts and charters in state and federal accountability areas such as: Dashboard, Differentiated Assistance, Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), Title I, Title III, Federal Program Monitoring, California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP), English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC), Williams Act, Expanded Learning Programs, etc. Supports include, but are not limited to: professional development, program implementation, technical assistance, resources, and acts as a liaison between the district and the California Department of Education (CDE).
                                                                                               Contact Information

                                                                                               Contact Information

Kristi Johnson
Senrior Director, Educational Services
(530) 822-2939
Jodie Almond
Professional Development Coordinator II
(530) 822-2938
Danielle Schmidl
Expanded Learning Coordinator
(530) 822-2984
Heather Parker
Professional Development Coordinator I
(530) 822-2984
Sandy Richmond
Professional Development Coordinator II
(530) 822-2936
Kao Lee Vang
Program Analyst
(530) 822-2997
Tania Martinez
Administrative Secretary
(530) 822-2973
                                                                               COMING JANUARY 2023

                                                                               COMING JANUARY 2023

       2023 Study Word List
       Release forms for participating students
       State Spelling Bee Information