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                                                      Communications Department Mission Statement  

                                                      Communications Department Mission Statement  

The SCSOS Communications Team will ensure timely, accurate communication between the Sutter County Superintendent of Schools Office and the community; by promoting programs, recognitions, and the organization’s vision; and increase public understanding and support of the county office ethically and under SCSOS policies through the exchange of information and the establishment of collaborative relationships with members of the community and media.
                                                             Communications Team Duties and Services

                                                             Communications Team Duties and Services

  • Development and maintenance of SCSOS website and various program/department sites
  • Point of contact for media inquiries and requests for information
  • Promote SCSOS programs and recognitions
  • Production and distribution of organization newsletter
  • Oversight of brochures and informational materials for marketing and promotional purposes
  • Photographing and documenting ceremonies and events
  • Writing speeches, message points, fact sheets, press releases, media advisories, and website content
  • Strategic communication support for Administration and various departments
                        The SCSOS Communications Team is committed to these priorities and goals:

                        The SCSOS Communications Team is committed to these priorities and goals:

  • Increase awareness and understanding of SCSOS priorities, programs, procedures and policies
  • Promote a culture of expecting and recognizing excellence both inside and outside of the organization
  • Establish and promote an environment where all members of the school and community embrace diversity, leadership and accountability
  • Align programs, service, and resources with SCSOS priorities
  • Attract, recruit and retain the highest quality employees
Contact Information:

Contact Information:

Angela Huerta
Director of Communications
(530) 822-2934
Kyla Kirby
Marketing Coordinator
(530) 822-2935