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1.) Are you participating in Reimbursements?
The SMAA program allows school districts, SELPAs, county offices of education, charter schools and community colleges to be reimbursed for costs incurred while performing certain administrative activities related to mental health, speech, occupational therapy and physical therapy.

2.) What is SMAA?
SMAA's full name is School-Based Medi-Cal Administrative Activities.

3.) What kind of reimbursement are we speaking of?

4.) How can SMAA bring money into my district?

Through the state Medi-Cal program, your Local Educational Consortium (LEC) or Local Government Agency (LGA) and the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS).

5.) What is it all about?

SMAA reimburses County Offices of Education, school districts and community colleges for the Administrative Activities that directly support efforts to identify and enroll potential eligibles into the Medi-Cal program and assist with access to Medi-Cal covered services.

6.) What kinds of activities are reimbursed?

Administrative Activities that facilitate enrollment into Medi-Cal and assisting eligibles to access Medi-Cal services such as: 
  • Outreach
  • Facilitating Applications 
  • Translation 
  • Transportation 
  • Program Planning
7.) How can my district participate?
Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) contract with their LEC/LGA, time survey, complete a grid, invoice and maintain an Operational Plan (OP).  OP is an audit binder that includes the documentation to support the invoice.

8.) What is the LEC?

Local Educational Consortium.

9.) How does the LEC assist my LEA?
  • Assess the SMAA program to ensure appropriate participation. 
  • Provide technical assistance training to the LEA staff. 
  • Oversee the LEA time survey process. 
  • Submit detailed quarterly invoices to DHCS on behalf of the LEA. 
  • Review the Operational Plan for quality assurance and compliance. 
  • Offer customer support, both program and fiscal. 
  • Monitor compliance of LEA with all federal, state, and DHCS program requirements. 
  • Represent the LEA at the LEC level and in workgroup meetings.
10.) How does my LEA get issues resolved?
Contact your LEC. Regional LEC contracts are required by DHCS to represent regional LEAs. Each LEC/LEA contract further clarifies how LEA assistance is provided. LEAs that have contracts with LGAs must go through their LGA for assistance. Find your Regional LEC.




Caitlin Welch
Region 3 LEC SMAA Coordinator
Kaylee Garramore
SMAA Program Analyst