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Sutter County Superintendent of Schools

Tom Reusser, Superintendent

SCSOS Board Member Spotlight

Jim richmond: area 2

Jim richmond: area 2

Jim Richmond has served on the Sutter County Superintendent of Schools Board of Education for the past ten years. During his tenure, he has seen a lot of change, but he continues to be steadfast in his advocacy for and dedication to ROP/CTE for students and Shady Creek. “ROP/CTE are my passion due to my skills and what I’ve done in life,” Jim said.
Jim currently serves as a plant supervisor for Sutter Buttes Ag which is a company that assembles tractors and ships them to 150 dealerships throughout the United States. Before moving to Yuba City in 1999, he and his wife, Sandy lived in Belmont, California. Jim has over 40 years in the auto exhaust business. He worked for Midas Mufflers and an independent shop before opening his own auto muffler business in Colma. After moving to Yuba City, he worked for Valley Muffler for 16 years.
When Jim and his family moved to Yuba City, they bought a house in the Franklin School District. His twin daughters, Andi and Lea, attended Franklin from kindergarten through 8th grade. Jim was elected to the Franklin School board in 2011 and he served until after his daughters graduated from the 8th grade. He was on the Franklin School Board when the bond was passed and the multi-purpose room was built.
During his tenure as Franklin School board member, Jim also served as a board member for the Shady Creek Foundation. He worked at the Franklin School Fireworks booth every fourth of July in order to raise money for every 5th grade student to go to Shady Creek each year. Jim served as a board member on the Shady Creek Foundation for nine years.
As a board member for Sutter County Superintendent of Schools, Jim says he will continue to advocate for more ROP/CTE classes for students. He will also continue to advocate for and support Shady Creek.
Posted: September 2, 2021
Vicky Lachance: Area 4

Vicky Lachance: Area 4

vicky lachance
Victoria (Vicky) Lachance was born in Georgia, the only child in a military family. She lived many places during her childhood such as California, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Kansas, but the longest place she lived in was Germany. She graduated from Oceana High School in Pacifica, California. She met and married her husband, Dave and settled in Lockeford, California. She served for three years as a classified employee for Lodi Unified School District.
 She and her husband moved to Pleasant Grove in 1981 because of the opportunity to expand their Lachance Kennel business. She secured a position with Yuba City Unified School District at Wilson Continuation High School which at the time was in the Dingville is area. In 1990 Wilson was moved to Yuba City which is now Albert Powell Continuation High School.
Vicky served for 24 years at Yuba City Unified School District in both the district office as well as at a school site. She was an administrative secretary for Marlene Barber, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services and for Jas Peterson, Principal at Butte Vista School. Vicky retired in 2004. She and her husband retired from their kennel business in 2010. Vicky and her husband Dave have six children between them, 17 grand-children, 11 great-grandchildren and 2 more great-grandchildren scheduled to arrive this summer.
One of Vicky’s favorite things to do is judge competition dogs at field trials. These competitions happen all over the United States and Vicky happily travels wherever they are held in order to participate. As a judge, she is on horseback 6-7 hours per day following the dogs as they compete in a variety of tasks. Two of her passions combined into one event: horseback riding and bird dogs.
Vicky also enjoys running. She has participated in nine 5k runs and two 10k runs over the past four years in the Sacramento area, Apple Hill and Land Park. She was hoping to participate in a 10k in June, but it has been postponed.
Vicky has served on the Sutter County Superintendent of Schools Board since 2012. She represents area 4 which serves East Nicolaus, Marcum-Illinois, Browns and Pleasant Grove. She says that her favorite thing about serving on the county board is her opportunity to visit school sites during their many activities and sports events and celebrate with students during graduation ceremonies.
Vicky’s life motto has always been, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” As a result, she lives a life full of family, love, laughter and friendship.
Posted: April 22, 2020
June McJunkin: Area 3

June McJunkin: Area 3

June McJunkin
Board Member Spotlight: June McJunkin
June McJunkin, one of SCSOS Board Members for Area 3, was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. It wasn’t until after she graduated from high school and was in her second year of college that she moved to Chico, California. While she was attending CSU, Chico in 1967, she met and married her husband Bill. In 1968, they moved to Yuba City. June and her husband Bill have two children and June stayed home to raise them. In 1978, when the children were in 3rd and 5th grades, she went to work. She served in a variety of capacities for Yuba City Unified School District, including para-educator and yard duty. In 1979, June secured a position at SCSOS as an aide for the speech therapist. She continued in that role until 1988 where she also worked as a support at SCSOS for Special Education and SELPA. In 1993 she completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems Management. From 2001 to 2005 she served as a financial coordinator. She ended her career as SCSOS Director of Internal Business Services from 2005 to 2009.
June says that service has always been a part of her life, beginning with the model she received from her parents. In 2011, Gene Larrigan stepped down from his position on the SCSOS board. June applied for that position, interviewed, and was selected by the remaining board members to join the board. She is up for re-election this year. Besides serving on the SCSOS Board, June also serves as national treasurer for the Young Ladies Grand Institute and the Yuba Sutter Amateur Radio Club. She also serves as a member of the St. Isidore’s Church board.
When June is not volunteering, she travels and spends time with her family. She has one son, one daughter and one grandson. Her most recent trip was to Hawaii during Christmas with her family. She had three trips scheduled this year: Hawaii in April, Germany in July and Ireland in September; however, given the current situation, those trips have been postponed.
June credits her strong faith as guidance through her life. “God doesn’t give you more than you can handle on any given day. Even when you think He’s wrong!”
Posted: April 14, 2020