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Sutter County Superintendent of Schools

Tom Reusser, Superintendent


Tom Reusser

Tom Reusser

Tom Reusser
Updated: September 14, 2020
Governor Newsom made a number of changes to the state's previous resilience roadmap last week. Instead of a state county monitoring list, now counties are categorized in a four tiered colored framework. Currently, both Sutter and Yuba Counties are in the most stringent category, purple. What this means is that the purple tier is where the virus is widespread. What this means for our schools is that we must continue with distance learning.
This four tiered system relies on two leading health metrics: number of cases per 100,000 residents and percentage of COVID-19 tests that come back positive.
Counties must remain in every tier but purple for a minimum of 21 days before being eligible to move into the next tier. Each Tuesday, beginning on September 8, California will update each county's data for the previous week and make corresponding changes to tiers. In order to move into a less restrictive tier, a county must meet that tier's criteria for two straight weeks.
Conversely, counties that fail to meet the metrics for their current tier for two consecutive weeks must move to the next most restrictive tier. The plan also includes an "emergency brake" where the state can intervene more immediately for concerning factors like hospitalizations.
The Purple Tier is substituted for the previous County Data Monitoring List. Schools in the (Purple) widespread tier aren't permitted to reopen for in-person instruction, unless they receive a waiver from their local health department for grades TK-6. Schools can reopen for in-person instruction once their county has been in the Red(Substantial) tier for at least two weeks.
Dr. Luu, our bi-county health officer, announced on September 10 that she would be accepting waiver submittals for Yuba and Sutter Counties for in-person instruction. The waiver is applicable only for grades TK-6, even if the grade configuration at the school includes additional grades. Sutter County Superintendent of Schools will be assisting our district Superintendents when and if they decide to apply for the waiver process.
I encourage all of you to support our efforts to stop the spread by continuing to wear your mask when out in public and be mindful of social distancing during this time.
Stay safe and healthy.

We are Sutter County Schools . . . Doing What's Best for Kids.
Superintendent Tom Reusser