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SCSOS Program Highlight

SCSOS Riverbend ASD Pre-school/Kindergarten Educators

SCSOS Riverbend ASD Pre-school/Kindergarten Educators

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SCSOS Pre-school/kindergarten ASD Program

SCSOS Pre-school/kindergarten ASD Program

“What most people don’t know is that most Special Education teachers are really angels disguised as extraordinary humans.”
Joe Martin
SCSOS has nine amazing special education educators in three classrooms at Riverbend Elementary. These educators serve our 41 ASD preschool/kindergarten students.
Teacher Katie Davis and Para-educators Jose Gaxiola and Melissa Poland serve 15 students on an AM/PM in person schedule. Two of those students remain on distance learning. The educators use Touch Math, STAR Curriculum and Handwriting without Tears with their students. All one has to do is talk to these educators to know that they are dedicated to their students.
“I have had a passion for working with children and their families since I was a young child,” Teacher Katie Davis said. After earning her BA in Child Development at CSU, Chico, she substituted in a Special Day Class and knew that she had found her niche.
Teacher Gretchen Littler and Para-educators Lisa Jimenez and Larissa Relski serve 13 students on an AM/PM in person schedule. They currently still have one student on distance learning.
When asked about the impacts of distance learning, Teacher Gretchen Littler said that it was a difficult time, but they made it work for their students. “I wanted my parents and students to have flexibility in scheduling so we scheduled 4 zoom meetings per day and parents could choose the one that best fit their schedule. We also scheduled one zoom meeting per week for each individual student.” She stated that when her students returned to the classroom in person, most had grown academically as well as behaviorally.
Teacher Amanda Cearley and Para-educators Megan McCarthy and Sydney Craft serve 12 students on an AM/PM in person schedule with one student remaining on distance learning.
“I love being the first teacher a child has,” Teacher Amanda Cearley said.  “I get to see early growth in students that have sometimes never even been away from a parent.  I get to be part of building a parent's trust in the school system, and have had the pleasure of building long lasting relationships with my students and their families.”  
Students who attend the AM session in this classroom are mostly non-verbal. They use PECS books which have visuals that the students use to communicate. When students were on distance learning, these books were sent home for parents to use. The parents had a choice of two times for a zoom meeting: 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. Individual student zoom meetings were also scheduled with parents to discuss student goals and answer any questions the parents had.
These devoted educators agree that they are delighted to have their students back in the classroom. Although all of them excelled at making distance learning work for their students, nothing can replace the personal interaction that in person learning provides.
“In what could be considered the most trying time in education, the ASD preschool team has been unwavering in their genuine commitment to providing evidence based early intervention to the pre-school/kinder age student with autism in our community,” Colleen Davenport, Special Education Principal, said. “The love and care they extend to the students and families they serve is exactly what is needed at this tender age when a student is just beginning their educational experience. I am beyond honored and blessed to get to be a small part of the magic they create every day for their students.”
If you would like to know more about our SCSOS ASD programs, please contact Janine Hughes, Director of Special Education at (530) 822- 2911 or email
Published: May 30, 2021
mr. tan's atp classroom

mr. tan's atp classroom

Mr. Tan’s Adult Transition Classroom
Mr. Tan’s Adult Transition Classroom serves 13 students between the ages of 18 and 22. These students are learning at a variety of levels, as well as attending class in a variety of time frames. On Mondays and Tuesdays, six students attend class. Wednesday still continues to be a distance learning day. On Thursday and Friday, five students attend class. Two of the students remain on full time distance learning.
Teacher Tan Nguyen, Para-educators Josh Nieto, Rosa Fresquez-Mittendorff, and Matt Sambol use the county adopted “Unique” curriculum and Touch Math Money. The educators cover three broad areas for their students: functional math skills, functional ELA skills and independent living skills. The students are taught money management through earning classroom dollars and keeping a ledger for expenditures. Each student also has a grooming box; each day after breakfast they brush their teeth, floss, put on deodorant and comb their hair.
Currently, every Tuesday and Thursday, the students have a cooking class. They make dishes such as tacos, spicy chicken and spaghetti. Students are taught to follow a recipe and understand the importance of food in their lives. Students look forward to this class every week.
Before COVID, Mr. Tan’s class had a protein box business which taught the students how to put together the boxes, take orders and interact with customers. The students took orders from the employees at the Klamath Office as well as at the local high schools.
Also pre-COVID, the students were involved in work training at Marshall’s and Grocery Outlet. Mr. Tan is hoping that this can begin again in the fall.
The staff in this classroom is awe-inspiring, hard-working and motivated. Their goal is to ensure that their students learn independent living skills that will help them in their lives when they graduate from the class. Their dedication is apparent in all that they do. 
Published: May 6, 2021
CTE Dental Assisting Class

CTE Dental Assisting Class

Instructor, Daniela Pomeroy
Sutter County Office of Education and Sutter County One Stop provide a variety of Career/Technical Education classes to support those within our community. These classes range from Advanced Manufacturing to Certified Nursing Assistant to Hospitality. One such class that has had great success this year is our CTE Dental Assisting Class. Instructor Daniela Pomeroy has led ten students, ages 19-38, through the education and hands-on work required to become excellent dental assistants. These students have sacrificed a lot to continue their education. Their stories are amazing and their dedication to success second to none.
Tai Lopez, who has always had an interest in the medical field, has been completing her externship with Dr. Kevin Cordano. When she graduated high school, she completed her CNA/Phlebotomist certification and her AA degree in Science. She planned to complete her college education to become a registered nurse, but life circumstances dictated that she couldn’t take two years off to do so. The email she received about this program came at the perfect time for her. “This has been an awesome opportunity for me,” she said. “Daniela will go out of her way to help us. She is professional, yet personal.”
Navjot Tukhaur is completing her externship at A Kid’s Smile Dental. Navgot moved here from India 3.5 years ago and began her work career at Sunsweet. She chose the dental program in order to create a successful life for herself. “Sutter County One Stop is the best choice for anyone who wants a better life,” she said. “They have helped me with everything that I need to succeed.”
Priscilla Bailey, who has always had a passion for dentistry, is completing her externship with Crawford Orthodontics in Lincoln. After graduating high school, she worked in a variety of jobs from retail to caregiving to customer service. For the six weeks prior to taking this course, Priscilla worked 80-90 hours a week in caregiving in order to save enough money to be able to take this course and work at a dental office part time. She currently still works weekends in caregiving. Priscilla plans to pursue a career as a dentist; completing her undergraduate courses at Sac City College, her bachelor’s degree at CSU, Sacramento or CSU, Chico, then transferring to University of the Pacific for her dentistry education.
Leslie Hernandez, whose primary interest is in children’s dentistry, is completing her externship with Dr. Melissa Lee. A 2016 graduate of River Valley High School, Leslie has two small children. She has been able to complete the program with the support of her husband, mother-in-law and mother for child care.
Even though the students will not graduate until early May, Jessica Brown has been hired to work in a local dentist office. She plans to continue her education by completing her 700 hours (class time and dental office time) in order to apply to take the Registered Dental Assisting Exam. Once she has her RDA Certification, she will be able to complete all the tasks necessary in her dental office.
Instructor Daniela Pomeroy has been able to place all of her students with local dentists for their externship hours. The participating dentists are impressed with the knowledge that the students bring with them to their practices.
“I’m excited to have another program to serve the community by providing well-trained and qualified dental assistants to their field,” Dr. Kevin Cordano stated. “I have Tai from the dental assisting program in my office; she is hard working, intelligent and blends in seamlessly in our office. I’m excited to become more involved with the program based on my experience with Tai.”
Published: March 27, 2021