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Sutter County Superintendent of Schools

Tom Reusser, Superintendent




Three Reasons You Should Follow County and School District Social Media
Posted 2/3/2020
We would like to invite you to take a moment and follow our county and district social media feeds. Staying in touch with us on social media will keep you in the loop on the amazing things we are accomplishing together each day. Social media may also be a critical line of communication during emergencies and will be a great place for you to get up to date information.
Knowledge - Learn about what makes our community, our county office, our county education programs, our school districts, students teachers, district staff, families and the future amazing!
Stay Connected - Keep up to date with what is going on at the county office and your school districts. Participate in the shared experience of our social media community. Like, share, comment on topics that inspire you!
Emergency Communication - During emergencies county and district school media feeds may be a critical line of communication with our community. When we respond to a county-wide or district-wide emergency, one of the first lines of communication to be updated will be social media.
Just click on the account links below and like and follow to stay in touch!
Tres Razones por las que debe seguir las redes sociales de su condado y el distrito
Los invitamos a tomar un momento para seguir nuestras redes sociales del condado and del distrito de su hijo. Mantenerse en contacto con nosotros en las redes los tendrá al tanto de todals las cosas increíbles qui estamos logrando juntos cada día. Las redes sociales podrían servir como una línea de comunicación importante durenate una emergencia y van a ser un may buen lugar para obtener información actualizada.
Conocer - ¡Pueden aprender acerca de qué es lo que hace que nuestra comunidad, nuestras distritos, nuestra condado, los estudiantes, los maestros, el personal del condado y distrito, las familias y el futuro sean tan increíbles!
Mantenerse conectados - Pueden estar al día con lo que está pasando en el distrito de su estudiante y en el condado en su conjunto. Participen en la experiencia compartida de nuestra comunidad en las redes. ¡Pongan un "Me gusta," compartan y comenten en los temas que les inspiran!
Comunication de Emergencia - Durante los emergencias, las redes sociales del condado y el distrito pueden ser una línea de comunicatión crucial con nuestra comunidad. Cuando respondemos a una emergencia a nivel de el condado o todo el distrito, una de las primeras líneas de comunicatión para las últimas noticias serán las redes sociales.
¡Simplemente haga clic en los enlaces abajo y denos un "Me gusta" y siganos para mantenerse en contacto!
Sutter County Superintendent of Schools: Facebook  Instagram
Brittan Elementary School District: Facebook
Browns Elementary School District: Facebook
East Nicolaus High School: Facebook
Franklin Elementary School District: Facebook
Live Oak Unified School District: Facebook 
Marcum-Illinois Elementary School District: Facebook
Meridian Elementary School District: Facebook
Nuestro Elementary School District: Facebook
Pleasant Grove Elementary School District: Facebook
Sutter Union High School District: Facebook
Winship-Robbins Elementary School District:Faceboo(Robbins Elementary) Facebook (Winship Elementary)
Yuba City Unified School District: Facebook  Instagram
Charter Schools:
Aerostem Academy: Facebook
Twin Cities Charter School: Facebook
Yuba City Charter School: Facebook
Coronavirus Update
Posted: 2/26/2020
At a press conference this morning, representatives for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) shared that the coronavirus almost certainly will begin spreading in communities in the United States, and Americans should begin preparations now.
You may also be aware that the disease has spread to other countries and the CDC has issued travel warnings for several countries in Asia and Europe. It may be appropriate for school districts to share information about these warnings with parents as spring break approaches.
For more information and daily updates about the Coronavirus, please see the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website
To see guidelines for schools and districts, access the California Department of Health