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School Highlights

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US News and World Report Great School: East Nicolaus High School
Twenty miles north of Sacramento, twenty miles south of Yuba City, east of Highways 99 and 70, there dwells an extraordinary place: East Nicolaus High School. Home to 305 students in grades 9-12, this high school is committed to academic excellence, school pride and training students to become exemplary citizens. Their excellence has not gone unnoticed. US News and World Report recently released its list of 2020 Great High Schools and East Nicolaus is on the list.
“East Nicolaus High School is an elusively magical place,” Superintendent/Principal Mark Beebe said. “ENHS has captured a spirit of personal connection and purity through its triangle of staff, students and community. Students love coming to school.” An educator for thirty years, Superintendent Beebe is serving in his third year at ENHS. He has served as a Principal at bigger school districts and says that being at a smaller school gives him the opportunity to know everyone personally; students, staff, parents and community members. “East Nicolaus is an amazing, rural country school that manages to offer the same rigor as the larger high schools without negating our great school climate,” Superintendent Beebe said.
East Nicolaus is home to fourteen teachers who provide high quality instruction. Fifty percent of all students are on inter district transfers from neighboring school districts. Superintendent Beebe says the draw is the small school climate as well as the CTE Programs that are offered.
SCSOS board member Vicky Lachance, who has had children and grandchildren graduate from ENHS, loves the school. She and her husband, Dave, work diligently each year to get the football field ready for games. “The staff and Superintendent work with the community to do the best they can for the students academically as well as in extracurricular activities. Everyone at ENHS really has what’s best for students as the highest priority,” Vicky said.
“I am proud of the quality educational program that East Nicolaus High School provides for their students,” Sutter County Superintendent Tom Reusser said. “Superintendent Beebe, staff, board and community have created an environment where students are embraced. It is great to see the school team recognized for their hard work.”
Superintendent Beebe considers himself a simple leader who makes it a priority to be present for everyone. “There are very talented people who drive ENHS. I drive the bus, but the stakeholders make ENHS what it is. When you put good people around you and lead by example, good things happen.”
East Nicolaus High School is ranked 811 out of 3,162 public high schools in California. It is ranked #4 in the Yuba Sutter area. To read more about the ranking for East Nicolaus High school, click on this link: US News and World Report Great Schools 2020.
Posted: September 21, 2020