County Programs

The following programs provide opportunities for students to complete the graduation requirements for a high school diploma granted by Sutter County Superintendent of Schools Office. The course of study will be aligned with the California academic content standards for grades nine through twelve.

Alternative Education Programs

Adult Education
The purpose of the Adult Education program is to assist students (16 1/2 years and older) to complete course work in preparation for passing the General Educational Development (GED) exam; the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE) or completing the requirements for a Sutter County Superintendent of Schools' High School diploma. ESL (English as a Second Language) is also offered both during the day and evening hours. EL Civics Citizenship courses are provided as are VESL (Vocational English as a Second Language) classes for those limited English speakers who seek specific trade or skills language. Career Technical Education is in the process of being expanded in the Adult Education program in the near future. These CTE programs, may be housed at the Sutter One Stop or other locations in the community.

Feather River Academy
County Community School
Feather River Academy provides students in Grades Nine through Twelve with an alternate placement for academic success through an individualized approach, emphasis on core subjects, life-long social skills, access to community services for both student and families, and smaller class sizes. Students are provided with opportunities to learn academic skills and individual responsibility necessary for the adult work world.

Each student's educational program is individually assessed and prescribed. The community school course of study will be adopted by the county board of education and must enable students to continue academic work leading to the completion of a regular high school program. (Ed. Code, § 1983.)

 John Kovach
Address: 1895 Lassen Blvd. / Yuba City, CA 95993
Phone: (530)822-2400
FAX: (530)822-3267 

Independent Study Program
The Independent Study Program (ISP) offers a personalized learning schedule for students enrolled in Feather River Academy. The program is suited for the student who works part time, seeks an alternative educational program, is less distracted studying in a non-classroom environment, or has difficulty traveling to school to attend daily instruction. The ISP offers comparable curriculum and learning opportunities, as students would receive if participating in daily classroom attendance. Students are required to complete the graduation course requirements as outlined in the course of study and all mandated assessments including the California High School Exit Exam (CASHEE) commencing in 2006.

Special Education Programs
Emotional Disturbance (ED)/Day Rehabilitation Program
The ED/Day Rehabilitation program is designed for special education students whose emotional/behavioral problems have adversely affected their academic development. Students are identified after accommodations and interventions have been tried in their home school with little or limited success. The program provides an intense therapeutic environment in an educational setting. Students are sometimes referred for services as a less restrictive alternative to residential placement or are transitioning back to the community from a residential placement. The ultimate goal of the ED/Day Rehabilitation program is the reintegration of the student into a less restrictive school setting. Efforts are made to transition the student back to their home school through integration in local school programs. All mainstreaming activities are planned and supervised to ensure as much success as possible. This transition helps the students to ease back into the school community while the program can still provide maximum support.

Self-contained Services - Non Categorical (SCS/NC)
The Self-contained Services - Non-categorical (SCS/NC) provides services to students who are identified through the individual education program (IEP) process as needing intensive structure and support. Students attending the self-contained services - non-categorical SCS/NC have one of the federal and state identified disabilities and the student's needs cannot be met in the school of residence due to requiring more intense services.

Deaf/Hard of Hearing
The services of the D/HH program follow a total communication approach, which develops aural/oral skills in students. Other components of the D/HH program services include the following: a standards-based curriculum; opportunities for mainstreaming from kindergarten through high school; use of assistive technology; whole class speech and language services, as well as, individual speech and language services based upon the student's individual education program (IEP).
Assistant Superintendent: William Embleton
Phone: (530) 822-2912