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Become a Business Partner


Business involvement in ROP is free and completely voluntary.  However, the benefits of partnering with ROP are tremendous. By partnering with ROP your business will:
  • Assist in the training future employees with pertinent industry experience.
  • Provide input and assistance in the development and refinement of ROP curriculum and possible future course offerings.
  • Promote career pathways and work based learning for local students.
  • Support the continued existence, growth, and operations of career technical education in secondary programs.
The level of your involvement in partnering with ROP is entirely optional. Below are a few examples of the various types of levels and partnering:


Employers and business representatives have the opportunity to participate in ROP course advisory board meetings in their area of expertise. The meetings are held annually and include local members of industry, and teachers from various sites in related fields of study. By participating in the advisory meetings, employers will be able to work directly with teachers in developing and refining the course curriculum as it relates to current industry needs.

Business representative are encouraged to speak at career days, job fairs and other organized ROP events regarding their experiences in their field as well as current and anticipated work force needs within their industry.

Field trips to local businesses and/or shadowing an employee for the day is always a wonderful experience for students.

Currently we operate numerous community classrooms, or internship sites. An internship is an on the job training experience, and helps students receive capstone knowledge and acquire hands on skills in a particular field of study. Internships occur during the school-day and are unpaid positions.  

Businesses can donate equipment, supplies, or services to ROP.

With the current fiscal nightmare in California, many career technical education courses are on the chopping block. By writing a letter to your local legislative representatives, your voice will help save the continued and future existence of our program.

We gladly accept comments on how we can help you and prepare your future workforce. If you are interested in helping out Tri-County ROP in any way please feel free to contact us here.