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The Sutter County Superintendent of Schools, Student Support and Outreach (SSO) offer and provide Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE) grant programs funded by the California Department of Education.  

Prevention Programs

Catch My Breath 
  • 6th, 9th, 11th Grade 
  • Alternative Education 

Intervention Programs

Brief Intervention 
  • Referral basis 
Sutter County Superintendent of Schools-Intervention & Prevention Programs (SCSOS-IPP) is providing Brief Intervention Sessions to assist students with potential substance abuse issues.  It is a research-based program and a short-term intervention consisting of two to four sessions aimed at students who use tobacco, alcohol, and/or other drugs.

If a student is caught using or in possession of any tobacco or ENDS products, [Education Code Section 48900 (h)] violation, and or unlawfully possessed, used, sold, or otherwise has been under the influence of any controlled substance or an intoxicant of any kind [Education Code Section 48900 (c)], the student may be suspended or expelled. In lieu of suspension or in addition to suspension, the student is referred and required to participate in Brief Intervention.
  • Alternative Education 

Cessation Programs

Referrals to the following Cessation Program: 
A free program that helps Californians kick smoking, vaping, and smokeless tobacco with the help of proven, science-based strategies. Take the first step toward quitting.

Parenting and/or Pregnant Minors

Staff Professional Development

  • School District Staff Training 
  • LEA Technical Assistance 
  • Tobacco-Free Policy Development 
  • TUPE Staff Training 

California Healthy Kids Survey

The Sutter County Superintendent of Schools - Intervention and Prevention Programs were a part of the pilot project of the California Healthy Kids Survey in 1994.  The CHKS is used to measure TUPE program effectiveness.  
In Addition, the CHKS, School Climate Staff Survey and Parent Survey is designed to meet multiple LCAP Priorities:
  • School Climate
  • Pupil Engagement
  • Parent Involvement
  • Facilities
The CHKS consists of topical modules appropriate for grades 4 and above. In California, the Department of Education requires that all schools in compliance with NCLB Title IV and TUPE funding conduct the district-level CHKS Module A: Core and Module B: Tobacco biennially among students in grades 5, 7, 9, 11 in continuation and community day schools.
The CHKS enables our schools and community to collect and analyze valuable data regarding our local youth behaviors that are barriers to learning, such as substance use, violence, and bullying, as well as school safety, connectedness, and the level of developmental supports that the schools provide students. Schools are also provided technical assistance in using this information to guide program decision-making and monitoring their progress in meeting student needs.
For further information regarding CHKS, visit their website here

Community Partners

  • CATCH Coalition
  • Sutter County Tobacco Control Group
  • California Department of Education - TUPE Coordinator Committees
  • Sutter County Juvenile, Justice Commission


Virginia Burns
Director, County TUPE Coordinator
Baljit Liddar
Administrative Secretary
Jose Vasquez
Intervention/Prevention Specialist


  • Study showing success of CDE Tobacco-Use Prevention Programs