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Lisa Gault
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Rachel Mecham
Induction Program Specialist
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Clear Administrative Services Credential Program

As a premier agency, our goal is to provide and maintain the most innovative approaches in an ever-changing educational environment. In collaboration with vetted and approved, competent and experienced coaches, the candidate will be given the opportunity to develop and excel in the areas of leadership and professional learning while working in the capacity as an administrator.
Administrative candidates can expect to enroll and participate in a two-year program focusing on professional development based on the California Professional Standards for Educations Leaders (CPSEL), as well as the California State Standards.  

Overview of the Program

Through a series of self-assessments, assignments, and individual coaching, the candidate will validate their own professional goals through collaboration with their coach and district supervisors.  Each individual will work together to identify current challenges and personal strengths and weaknesses in order to develop a plan that supports their present job assignment in the capacity as an administrator. Their plan will include the identifying of urgent needs or issues and will act as a process for self-assessment and measurement of progress. Coursework will also be assigned that is content specific to each CPSEL through face-to-face seminars and online resources.  
At the conclusion of the program, the candidate will be able to provide evidence supporting their ability to demonstrate administrative and operational knowledge, skills and dispositions needed to effectively lead, manage and improve educational organizations.