A Message from the Superintendent

To the Community of Sutter County:



Our Mission

“Service for Success”
Students ▪ Staff ▪ Community

The Social Contract:

I will communicate with others in an open, honest, and nonjudgmental manner, appropriate to the audience and setting, seeking mutual clarity and understanding.

I will demonstrate respect for others by honoring and valuing others’ roles and responsibilities and consistently modeling actions that contribute to an environment of honesty, trust, and open, nonjudgmental communication.

I will define and communicate expectations and provide feedback in a clear and timely manner which will challenge and encourage others to give 100% effort to attain professional and personal growth.

I will account for my activities, accept responsibility for them, seek feedback, and disclose the results in a transparent manner. 

I will follow formal systems for confidentiality and honor personal need for privacy.

I will demonstrate encouragement, concern, and support, in words and deeds for what
another is experiencing.

I will model a high standard of ethical, professional behavior through consistent
actions and conduct.

I will create a safe environment of mutual confidence by being reliable, honest, and
acting with integrity. 

I will act with positive intentions and will give others the benefit of the doubt by
believing they are honest, reliable, and have positive intent.

I will provide excellent service acting in the best interest of students, staff, and
community in a proactive and positive manner.

I will be a consistent, collaborative participant, contributing to the greater good of the team.