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Sutter County Superintendent of Schools provides services and resources to support students and families, and help ensure success in the classroom.  This Parents/Students section is designed to connect you with both the programs available for your use and a highlight of a featured program currently being offered through SCSOS.  Please visit this section often to see what new and exciting programs and offerings we have for you and your students. Our website contains more detailed information about each of our SCSOS programs. These include Feather River Academy, County Special Education Programs, Regional Occupational Programs, Shady Creek Outdoor Education, Adult Education, and Intervention and Prevention Programs.  We hope you enjoy finding out about SCSOS and encourage you to contact us if you have any questions about any of our programs.

Feather River Academy: Probation Officer of the Year
On February 27, 2016 Feather River Academy’s assigned Deputy Probation Officer, Kelly Bisby, was awarded 2015’s Officer of the Year Award.  Surrounded by his three children and family, he was honored at Franklin Hall, Yuba City.  Kelly started working with Sutter County Probation 14 years ago and has held many different roles in his position.  Kelly has a variety of skills and strengths that make him an outstanding probation officer. He is highly skilled in many areas, including a trained Defensive Tactics Instructor and it is his amazing ability to build a positive rapport with people that sets him apart IMAGEfrom others. 

It is this strength that led to the heroic act of saving the life of one of his clients.  On April 16, 2015 Kelly was called to the scene of the 10th Street Bridge where one of his probationers was threatening to jump and commit suicide.  For over an hour, law enforcement officers had been unsuccessful to talk the man down from the bridge railing.  Although Kelly had no special training in suicide intervention, it was his relationship and calm demeanor that helped the man step down from the bridge railing to safety.   

Feather River Academy is so grateful to have Kelly assigned as their Probation Officer beginning in the 2015-16 school year.  Kelly’s presence on campus is appreciated by staff and students alike.  He is a pleasure to have on campus, a great team player, and willing to help out when needed.   Congratulations, Kelly.  Your recognition is well deserved.


IMAGEFeather River Academy Awarded a Six Year Accreditation
Feather River Academy has received its first WASC Accreditation.  Not only was FRA rewarded with a six year accreditation, but they only need a one day review after the third year.  This is the highest accreditation a school can achieve.

Congratulations to the entire staff at Feather River Academy for their outstanding contributions to the students of FRA.  Their efforts were clearly seen as evidence from their Self-Study report when the accreditation team came for their visitation.  The WASC team was extremely pleased with the strong and positive relationships between the students and staff.  They were also pleased with the efforts of the staff to ensure students are not only attending, but want to attend and maintain the academic rigor necessary for student success after graduation.