Feather River Academy - Copy

Feather River Academy is an Alternative Education Program operated by the Sutter County Superintendent
of Schools.  Our program was created to serve students who have not been successful in traditional
programs and need an alternative approach to become successful.  The foundation of our alternative
approach is:
1.  Give all students respect - Their respect for us will have to be earned.  One way to give students
respect is to challenge them academically. 
2.  Students achieve out of commitment to themselves and to those they care about.  Establishing and
maintaining committed, supportive, and caring relationships along with using evidence-based instructional
strategies will lead to student achievement. 
3.  Treat all students as individuals.  This demands flexibility and adaptation to meet the academic, social,
and developmental needs of each individual student.  Students may be matched to Opportunity School,
Independent Studies or our Community program based on a variety of factors.
4.  Instruction is the core of what we do.  Without effective instruction, the other pieces meet only emotional
needs and do  not lead to our primary goal of academic success for each student.  We are not a social
services agency, we are educators.
5.  We relay on referrals from school districts, probation, and SARB (Student Attendance Review Board) to
enroll each student.  We then work with the students and families to develop educational plans for each
student based on their individual needs.  An MOU (Memorandum of Understanding - a kind of partnership)
continues to provide the foundation of the relationship between Feather River Academy and the referring
agency.  For students and families, this means the following:  
  *Students and families cannot self-refer. Potential students must begin the enrollment process
by making contact with the school district where they reside.
*Students are encouraged to be successful in returning to and graduating from the school they
came from. Every student can be successful in doing so through the participation in the planning
process and meeting goals that were identified. We will work along with the students and families
to assist in the return process.
Our curriculum (the books and materials used in the classroom) is matched to the largest district
(Yuba City Unified). The scope and sequence of instruction (what is taught and when during the academic year)
is generally aligned as well. This helps returning students become familiar with the classes they return to.

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