Sutter County Spelling Bee


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Description or Activity

May 1, 2019       Save the Date Districts notified of Spelling Bee on March 2, 2020
August 15, 2019 Reminder: Save the Date Districts reminded of the upcoming date; contracts identified as the site Spelling Bee Coordinator; information posted on website
January 13, 2020 Spelling Bee Packets Spelling Bee Coordinators are given the Study Word List, Registration forms, etc. 
January 23, 2020 Orientation for Spelling Bee Coordinators Rules and Expectations are reviewed, as well as resources for students to study
January 27, 2020 Window Opens for School Site Spelling Bees  
February 26, 2020 Window Closes for School Spelling Bee Sites  
February 27, 2020    Registration Due Spelling Bee Coordinators to register all participants 
March 4, 2020 Spelling Bee Competition Students bring all forms signed to the event