Christine McCormick
Director, Student Services

Grace Espindola
Program Coordinator II

Baljit Liddar
Administrative Secretary

Virginia Burns
Intervention & Prevention Specialist

Kao Lee Vang
Intervention & Prevention Specialist

School Safety & Violence Prevention (SSVP)

Intervention and Prevention Programs (IPP) offer and provide School Safety and Violence Prevention to our county-operated programs and consortium group school districts. 

School Safety Planning/Implementation
Comprehensive School Safety involves a school and community approach to building and maintaining safe and secure schools.  Research indicates that safe school environments are key components toward increasing attendance, raising academic test scores, and reducing behavior problems.  IPP’s School Safety services include training and staff development, technical assistance, and direct services.
Training, Staff Development, and Technical Assistance
The Safe Schools Unit provides state of the art training and technical assistance in School Safety.  Topics include:

  • Safe Schools Planning (Education Code 32280)/ Program Development
  • Classroom Management School Safety Assessments
  • Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support Plans
  • Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS)
  • School Community Policing Strategies
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
  • Crisis/Emergency Response Planning
  • School Campus Supervisors & Security Trainings
  • National Incident Management System (NIMS)

Violence Prevention/Intervention
IPP assists schools, parents, and community-based agencies by providing training/staff development, technical assistance, and direct services in all components of violence prevention as follows:
Training & Staff Development

Technical Assistance/Resources

Direct Services

Hate and Bias Prevention/Harassment
Education code 201 requires schools to ensure the safety of all students from acts of violence, hate, bigotry, and harassment.  IPP provides assistance in addressing issues to ensure a safe and secure school campus.

Technical Assistance

Direct Services:

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